Simulation of calculating the salary of Algerian professor-researchers in 2024

Performance percentage
Staff housing
family situation
Number of children (Under 18)
Higher position

Salary items

Grants and compensation


Principal treatment  
Teaching experience allowance  
Documentation allowance  
Job specific allowance  
Geographical area allowance  
housing allowance  
Single salary allowance  
Family allowances  
Supervision and educational follow-up allowance  
Scientific qualification allowance  
Higher position  
Social insurrence  
General income tax   0,00
Monthly net salary without performance bonus


Allowance of improvement of pedagogical and scientific performance (monthly)
Allowance of improvement of pedagogical and scientific performance (three months)
Monthly net salary with performance bonus 0,00

The simulation of monthly pay calculation, also known as online pay slip, is a useful tool for teacher-researchers in Algeria who want to estimate their monthly income. There are several factors to consider when simulating the monthly pay calculation of teacher-researchers in Algeria, including basic salaries, bonuses, and social benefits.

The salary of teacher-researchers in Algeria depends on their grade, seniority, and their wilaya (province). Higher-grade teacher-researchers, such as university professors or those who work in the southern regions, have a higher base salary.

In addition to the base salary, teacher-researchers in Algeria can also receive bonuses for their additional work, such as thesis supervision or participation in research projects. Social benefits such as family allowances, health expense reimbursements, and paid leave are also included in the calculation of monthly pay.

To simulate monthly pay calculation online, teacher-researchers in Algeria can use online tools available on certain specialized websites. They can also consult their administrative and financial management service to obtain accurate information about their monthly pay.

In conclusion, the simulation of monthly pay calculation is a useful tool for teacher-researchers in Algeria who want to estimate their monthly income. By taking into account basic salaries, bonuses, and social benefits, teacher-researchers can have a clear idea of their monthly pay.

Note: This monthly payroll simulator was developed to calculate the remuneration of each grade of university professors in Algerian universities and higher education and scientific research institutions. It also allows generating an online payslip based on Executive Decree No. 24-103 amending and supplementing Executive Decree No. 08-130 containing the specific law for university professors, in addition to Executive Decree No. 24-107 amending Executive Decree No. 10-252 which includes the establishment of a remuneration system for university professors. Please note that the simulation results are approximate and unofficial.
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